Fine Arts

There are a variety of fine arts opportunities at Faith Baptist School. At the elementary level, fine arts are integrated as a part of the students’ weekly curriculum, At a high school level, seventy-five percent of students participate in fine arts.


The 5th and 6th Grade Bands are both beginning bands at Faith Baptist School. In these bands, the students learn the fundamentals of playing a musical instrument such as proper instrument carriage, posture, beginning notes, fingerings, rhythms as well as how to play in an ensemble. 6th-grade band students will begin learning more technical rhythms in preparation for Junior High School Band.

The Junior High Band is an intermediate ensemble in which more attention is given to technique books and music reading. Junior High Band students will begin playing a wider variety of intermediate level music during rehearsals as well as performances and serves to prepare students for the Senior High Band.

The Senior High Band is the top concert band at Faith Baptist School. In this ensemble, the focus is on advanced musical techniques as well as more challenging music. Students will leave prepared to use their abilities in future musical endeavors.

Music and Choir

In elementary school, students have music class once a week where they learn music theory and performance techniques. Students learn basic concepts about music, like beat, rhythm, volume, speed, note-reading, dynamics, and instrumentation, as well as using head and chest voice, proper singing posture, and interpretation of music. Learning often takes place through fun songs, games and activities! Students have the opportunity to practice the concepts they learn in music class when they participate in several concerts throughout the year!

Our Junior High and Senior High Choral ensembles explore areas of vocal performance including tone, posture, and sight-reading. In this class, students will practice four-part harmony. The ensemble learns multiple genres of music and perform two concerts per year and compete.


The K5-4th grade Art program uses the A Beka Book art curriculum and also incorporates other grade-level appropriate art skills and concepts. Students use these skills to create a variety of projects including silhouettes,  mosaics, watercolor paintings, chalk drawings and clay models.

In high school art, students learn the basic elements of art and design and gain experience using different tools. They experience various mediums from painting to drawing to mixed media and specific techniques like stippling and shading throughout the year. Our art class seeks to honor God by reflecting the beauty of His creation through the visual arts. No experience necessary! Just come prepared to learn and to use your God-given imagination.

Private Lessons

We partner with private music teachers to offer piano, voice, and violin lessons. Lesson times are coordinated between the family, school teacher, and music teacher. Lesson times may be scheduled during or after school hours.