Nurturing young minds toward academic excellence within a biblical worldview has been the passion of Faith Baptist School from its inception in 1979 when it inaugurated as an educational ministry under Faith Baptist Church. Dr. Don Forrester and his family moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia, in the fall of 1974 to start FBC officially chartered in the state of Virginia on January 19, 1975. From its beginning, FBC has invested in educational ministries through the church, Veritas Baptist College, and Faith Baptist School.

Faith Baptist School was implemented in three stages, beginning with the preschool opening in the fall of 1979 with approximately 20 students. The following year in 1980, both the elementary and junior high schools were established with the high school opening in the fall of 1981. Today, after more than forty years of faithful service, FBS has grown to approximately 400 students and 60 staff and faculty members. The Lord has truly blessed and enriched Faith Baptist Schools with a diverse, multifaceted, and Christ-honoring tradition of educating young minds toward growth in academic, social, physical, and, most importantly, spiritual excellence.


Faith Baptist School
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